By Yard- Extra Fabric for Formal Dresses,Bridesmaid Dress,Party Dress,Evening Dress,Vest,Necktie,Bowtie


❤We understand that colors on your computer screen can differ a bit to how they appear in person. So, we do advise that you to take our Color Swatch service to ensure all color choices. By yard- extra fabric for formal dresses,bridesmaid dress,party dress,evening dress,vest,necktie,bowtie.❤

※※※ Size & Time ※※※
1)-.Fabric: Chiffon or Bridal Satin
2)-.Size: 1 yard length * 57" width
3)-.Color: 50+ colors from drop down menu & other 120+ custom colors available (please leave notes about the color code/name)
4)-.Process time of fabric order : 1-2 working days in normal season (excluding the shipping time)
5)-.Shipping time : 7-15 days by Post

▲ Need the color samples in a hurry? Upgrade my order to expedited shipping via UPS/DHL (only 3~5 working days to receive the samples):

※※※FAQ ※※※
Q: I cannot find the colors from the drop down menu?
A: If there are some colors you like, but not found from the drop-down menu, please go with option of "Custom Color", choose "Quantity" in matching number you want in total, checkout and leave a message including the color codes/names. We will send you then accordingly.

Q: I want to order several colors, what's the shipping fee for it then?
A: We only charge one time shipping fee no matter you choose 1 pcs or 10 pcs of fabric samples.

1)-If you order more than one fabric sample, shipping fee will be cost only once for the 1st sample, the rest samples can be shipped together for free.

2)-Please let us know the dress style name by leaving a note during checkout, which can help us to send you the right fabric type.

3)-Please leave your phone number in the note when you make an order, it's important for delivery.

If any question, please feel free to email us:



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